Shatter-X Universal Wipe On Liquid Glass (SiO2) Windshield Protection

25 reviews

Shatter-X Universal Wipe On Liquid Glass (SiO2) Windshield Protection

25 reviews
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ShatterX is a wipe soaked in non-toxic liquid Silica Dioxide you can easily apply to your windshield to protect it from cracks and chips.

Shatter-X Liquid windshield protective coating helps prevent chips, cracks, scratches, and shatters.  It enhances visibility, repels rain, and can be installed by yourself at home. Increased water/oil resistance means that once Shatter-X™ Liquid is applied, the windshield repels rain, dirt, smearing, and road grime. Shatter-X™ is Perfect for increased driver visibility and safety day and night. 

In colder climates, Shatter-X™ Liquid makes windshields more resistant against snow, ice, and frost.

Shatter-X™ Liquid can be applied to any vehicle windshield and will deliver the same level of protection to each.  Shatter-X™ Liquid is a one-size-fits-all solution for small to large windshields on cars, SUVs, trucks, and boats.

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Benefits of ShatterX
Wipe On Protection

Super durable. Non Toxic SiO2 (Silica Dioxide) based automotive windshield protective coating.

Helps prevent small rock chips, cracks, scratches and shatters.

ShatterX™ Liquid greatly enhances your windshield against impact, small rock chips, minor cracks and surface scratches. ShatterX is completely bubble free application leaving no smear marks.

Increases Hardness of Windshield to 9H

When viewed under a miscroscope a glass surface is not smooth. Standard automotive glass has a hardness of 5H. The glass particles in our windshield protection bond to the windshield making it a hardness of 9H.

Repels rain, dirt, smearing, grime, frost and snow.

Once ShatterX™ Liquid is applied, the windshield repels rain, dirt, smearing and road grime. In colder climates ShatterX™ Liquid makes windshields more resistant against ice and frost.

Increases Driver Visibility for Safety.

Once applied, ShatterX™ Liquid is invisible and completely undetectable. Perfect for increased driver visibility and safety day and night.

Rock Chip Impact Tested at 300 mph

Watch our coated vs uncoated video test to show the difference between a windshield uncoated and a windshield coated with our SI02 nano technology.

Don't wait! Protect your windshield with ShatterX today!

Recent Customer Installations #shatterx

2X Cleaner

(6" X 8")

2X Nano
Coating Wipes

(6" x 8")

Protected vs. Unprotected

Our SI02 nano technology focuses on durability and visibility. Impact tested at over 300 mph and the windshield remained without chips all while repelling rain, frost and snow.

Don't wait and order ShatterX today!

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Sheila G.
United States United States

Excellent! Very easy installation and works really well!

Robert G.
United States
Clear vision

Easy to apply, great instructions and so far, excellent product. I put this on my road course car and after 100+ track miles the windshield looks great with much less debris than without Shatter X

Sheila R.
United States United States
Easy Application

So far, so good! One swipe of wiper blade and glass is dry and spotless.

James V.
United States United States
Didn't work

Complete fail. Put on a new $1500 windshield and got a rock crack in two weeks.

Paul S.
United States United States
Works like a dream!

I was driving on I 90 outside Chicago. And there was a loud "crack" sound on my windshield. I looked and saw nothing! It saved my windshield! Thank you.